Home Surveillance Camera

With our home surveillance cameras, you’ll be able to better protect your home. Getting a home video surveillance system can be the best investment you’ve ever done for your family. EWETON offers you a wide range of smart and reliable home security system.

Wireless Security Camera

With the ability to place anywhere without worrying about wires, wireless security cameras or systems have become extremely popular. EWETON’s wireless surveillance products are real plug &play yet secure enough at the same time.

CCTV Monitoring System

When you are using this HD CCTV monitoring system for your workplace or your house, you will own maximum coverage, strong pixel as well as a clear image. Moreover, another important factor is to have the easiest recording and plackback.

Wireless NVR Kit

People nowadays spend the majority of their time away from home at work or on business trips. Managing work while keeping an eye on your love ones are just few taps away. Wireless high definition security surveillance kit that needs no cabling and no hassles. Simply connect the devices together and stream instant liveviews in minutes.